Plants and Philosophy: From Wisdom to Science

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The CREMT center at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice will host a two-day hybrid conference on “Plants and Philosophy: From Ancient Wisdom to Today’s Science.”

Tuesday 30 May

Andrea Falcon (University of Milan), Do Plants Have Feelings of Pleasure and Pain? The Ancient Debate on the Cognitive Powers of Plants

Laurence Totelin (Cardiff University), The Challenge of Plant Generation in Theophrastus’ Botanical Works

Caterina Manco (University of Bologna) Stranger Things: Plants Mutations and Plants Adaptations in Antiquity

Tommaso Alpina (LMU Munich) “None of these things follows the need of nature and the necessity of matter”: Avicenna’s (New) Approach to the Study of Plants

Jennifer Rampling (Princeton University), Vegetable or Mineral? The Double Life of Plants in English Alchemy

Guido Giglioni (University of Macerata), Plants, Giants and the Threat of the Animated Blob: Nature and Anti-Nature in Celio Calcagnini’s Fables

Fabrizio Baldassarri (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Early Modern Ideas for a Phytology or a Philosophy of Plants

Alexandra Cook (University of HongKong), Linnaeus and Plants: Beyond Classification and Nomenclature

Luca Corti (University of Padua), Classical German Philosophy of Plants: Goethe and Hegel on The Structure of Vegetal Lifeform

Stefani Engelstein (Duke University), Symbiosis and Sympoiesis: Pollination and Generativity around 1800

Wednesday 31 May

Michael Marder (University of the Basque Country), The Vegetal Spectrality of Time: Bringing Derrida Up to Date

Paco Calvo (University of Murcia), Planta Sapiens and the ‘War of Nerves’: A View from the 21 st century

Angela Kallhoff (University of Wien), Plant Ethics: Why the Flourishing of Plants Matters

Marcello Di Paola (University of Palermo), Spinoza’s Plant

Bianca Bonato (University of Padua), The Social Behaviour of Plants in Today’s Comparative Psychology

Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 May 2023, 9:15–18:30 CEST



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