[New Book] Conrad Gessner (1516–1565): Universal Scholar and Natural Scientist of the Renaissance

Author: Urs B. Leu (Zürich Central Library)

Publisher: Brill, 2023

The Zurich polymath Conrad Gessner (1516–1565) is known as the founder of zoology and plant geography, the father of bibliography, editor of ancient texts, and author of one of the most important paleontological works of the sixteenth century. While preparing his extensive work on plants, he died unexpectedly and early from the plague.

Gessner’s interest in the natural sciences was rooted, on the one hand, in the new conception of nature that emerged with the Renaissance, and, on the other hand, in the creation theology of the Reformation, which considered nature as a second book of God’s revelation next to the Bible. This richly illustrated and erudite biography is the first biography of Gessner to appear in English.




List of Illustrations and Tables

1 Early Years

2 The Traveling Student

3 Marriage and Medical Studies

4 Three Happy Years in Lausanne

5 Montpellier

6 Lyon

7 Doctorate in Basel

8 Return to Zürich

9 Professor of Natural Sciences

10 The World of Books

11 Augsburg Intermezzo

12 The Animal Books – A Renaissance Noah’s Arc

13 Philological Works

14 Second Stay in Augsburg and the Imperial Grant of Arms

15 Botany

16 Medicine and Pharmacology

17 Freaks, Monsters and Northern Lights

18 Earth Sciences

19 Testament and Estate

Appendix 1: Gessner’s Testament

Appendix 2: Additions to Gessner’s Private Library

Appendix 3: Gessner’s Correspondence


Index of Names

Source: https://brill.com/display/title/56706